Friday, December 20, 2013

"Peace" Banner Tutorial

Greetings everyone

Today I have a tutorial for you over at the Scrapbook Boutique blog, teaching you how to make a Christmas Banner for your home which is made from just one sheet of cardstock and two pieces of patterned paper!

I have used my cuttlebug and dies for this project but you could easily handcut or fold the items if you dont have one of the dies, and you can change the word to suit whatever theme you like-  "Merry Christmas", "Joy", "Love"... you could even make it suit a Birthday or "Happy New Year" by using different papers!

All of the materials are available from the Scrapbook Boutique online shop!

Narelle xxxx

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Noodle Box Tutorial

Hi everyone .
Today I have a new tutorial for you at the Scrapbook Boutique blog, featuring these cute little elves and some noodle boxes!

Here's a fun game you might like to play this Christmas around your Christmas table!
Make the noodle box and then read the story below.  Each time you read the word "LEFT" in the story the noodle box gets passed around the table to the left, and each time you say the word "Right" it gets passed to the RIGHT.  At the end of the story the person holding the box gets to open it!  (Its actually lots of fun if you have several noodle boxes going around the table at once!)

This is a story about Santa and LEFTy elf.LEFTy received this nick name one Christmas when he couldn't seem to do anything RIGHT. Santa said " LEFTy, sometimes I think you have two LEFT thumbs".
On the day before Christmas Eve Santa and LEFTy were finishing up the toys that were LEFT. LEFTy called from the workshop, "Oh no, there is no glue LEFT! Santa do you know where any might be?"
"I can't believe you forgot to check the inventory, sometimes I wonder if you can get anything RIGHT, LEFTy!" said Santa.
"Santa don't be mad", replied LEFTy. "It will only take me a few minutes to find some, I'll be RIGHT back". Santa said "I'm sorry I am so grumpy, but we don't have much time LEFT, LEFTy. "I'll try our packaging and delivery outlet RIGHT on the edge of town", said LEFTy. "It would be faster to stop by my house, Mrs. Claus is sure to have some LEFT, she just might not know RIGHT where it is," Replied Santa.
"Take the short cut, go to Candy Cane Lane and Rudolph Rd. and turn LEFT, RIGHT at the Lollipop stop sign. Then go to Holly Drive and turn RIGHT and there it will be on your LEFT."
LEFTy found the house RIGHT away and asked Mrs. Claus where she might have some glue LEFT. Mrs. Claus' hands were all doughy from making the last of her Christmas cookies. So she directed him RIGHT to her craft room.
"Go RIGHT down the hall and turn RIGHT, open the first door on the LEFT. Walk RIGHT in and turn RIGHT. It should be on the bottom shelf, RIGHT next to the LEFT-over glitter."
LEFTy found plenty of glue to finish the toys RIGHT where Mrs. Claus had directed him. LEFTy hurried RIGHT out the door. LEFTy looked LEFT, then RIGHT, then LEFT, but he couldn't remember where he had LEFT his sled. Suddenly he remembered he had taken Santa's sleigh, because it would be faster, and that his sled was in the garage at the workshop RIGHT where he had LEFT it.
Eventually, a tired LEFTy found his way back to Santa's workshop. Santa said " LEFTy, I thought you said you would be RIGHT back, so I LEFT jolly elf take over your station. He used all that was LEFT of the red paint instead of gold, so now there is no red paint LEFT to touch up my sleigh. You will have to go RIGHT out and get some, LEFTy "
LEFTy sighed and happily said " I knew we would have no energy LEFT by now, so RIGHT after thanksgiving, I fixed up your sleigh for the big day. Santa said "I'm so sorry I said you couldn't do anything RIGHT, because of you, there is no work LEFT and I can go RIGHT to bed, so I'll be all rested and my jolly old self again. Good night LEFTy." and Santa went RIGHT to bed.

Narelle xxxx

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December Scrapbook Boutique Blog Hop and Challenge

It's a new month  and time for a new challenge and blog hop at Scrapbook Boutique!

Your first chance to win is by having a go at our monthly inspiration challenge!  Complete a  project that's  inspired by these gorgeous cupcakes-    You can create a Card, Scrapbooking layout.... whatever takes your fancy!

 Entry is open to all Australian residents, and you need to upload your creation to the Scrapbook Boutique blog. The challenge closes at midnight on December 31st!  The winner will receive a $30.00 Gift Voucher to spend in the Scrapbook Boutique store!

For your Second Chance to win.....  be part of our Blog Hop, and you could win this gorgeous Flourishes Star of Bethlehem Stamp Set

You have  come to my blog from the blog of the very talented  Melissa.   Your next stop is Sue's  blog!  Leave a comment on each DT members blog, and the Scrapbook Boutique blog too! The hop will be open for 1 week, closing midday  17th December, the winner will be announced on the SB blog on 18th December.

Narelle xoxoxoxoxo

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My latest Molossi Design Team Project

Hi everyone

Not sure if you are ready for Christmas.... but we now ready to start the countdown in our house thanks to the completion of my latest Design team project for Molossi!  

I decorated the Dusty Attic Advent Calendar with Simple Stories "December Documented" papers.  

Every one of the 24 drawers is different!

There are several different inserts available from Dusty attic to go into the centre of the Advent Calendar.  This one is called "Santa Sleigh".

To see what the other DT ladies have been up to pop over to the Molossi blog