Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Since 2000 I have been making a special handmade decoration to attach to the gifts of my very special family and friends. Over the years these have varied from cross stitch pillows to glittered letters, baubles and even the paper stars like my previous post.
This year I went with some origami balls called "Kusudama". What I didn't do though- was properly estimate the amount of time each one takes (almost 3 hours from beginning to end!). So far I have made 13 and still need to make another 4, and each one has 60 squares of folded paper (yep- do the math- that's over 1000 squares of paper!). I used an old copy of "Great Expectations" and am hoping that Charles Dickens wont object!!
If you are interested in having a go at making one you can find the instructions here (but take my word for it.... if you are going to make them Christmas.... START now!)
My presents this year are all wrapped in brown paper with string and the recycled book pages.


Helen Kinsela said...

OMG Narelle, you are a crafting genius with all these gorgeous handmade goodies like the stars and these "baubles".
Such a lot of work but so worth it, they're stunning. Well done.

spikeyjen said...

they really are gorgeous Narelle, I know how much work went into making them, well done